Beyond the Grid

BTG - Beyond the Grid Program: The BTG Program represents a total investment of USD 16M and will enable the electrification of 3 600 homes and 19 000 people and the addition of 2.2 MW of decentralized renewable generation. The BTG Program investment is mostly dedicated to the first phase where most of the electrification of health clinics around the country will occur. Currently no funding is committed to any of the 9 Projects of the Program. 

Beyond the Grid Program has three main initiatives:

BTG.1 – Solar Villages & Home Systems initiative. This initiative is associated with the creation of solar villages throughout the Country. These systems are intended for communities that, due to its small size (and consequently reduced consumption levels) and high distance to electric grids, are not viable for grid connection in the long term. Until 2030, five communities in each County will be connected with these systems, totaling 75 solar systems nationwide.

BTG.2 – Solar Community Services initiative. This initiative consist in implementing solar systems in non-electrified important community services, related with Health, Security and Education – Hospitals, health centers and clinics, police stations and courthouses and secondary schools. This initiative is composed by three projects, phased through the years. In the first phase, all health facilities will benefit, and the anticipation of all services that will be electrified only between 2025 and 2030 by the national grid will also be implemented. In the second phase and third phase solar community services will gradually be implemented in facilities that are not expected to be electrified by the national grid before 2030.

BTG.3 – Solar Portable Lamps initiative. This initiative consists on the continuation and reinforcement of the existing Solar Portable Lamp initiative through the creation of the Rural Services Unit(s) who will manage the imports while RREA will maintain responsibility for procurement and for communication/ information campaign. Additionally, a tender to attract the best rental model operators to Liberia will also be launched. This initiative is composed of 2 projects.