Monitoring and Control

Multiple layers of control. Monitoring and control will be developed at all levels, from bottom to top. The Responsible Entity will be the first entity in charge of monitoring and controlling on a day-to-day basis the implementation of the Project and of updating the MIS. The Program/Initiative coordinator also has to control the status of the project, but is only required to do it on a quarterly basis. Finally, RREA will prepare a bi-annual monitoring report to be presented to MLME and to the Rural Energy Master Plan Council.

Information flows. Information will be collected at Project Level under a Management Information System. The information will go directly from Project Applications, Project team or Project Responsible Entity to the MIS.

Rural Energy Master Plan Council. A Council with all Responsible Entities will be chaired by MLME under the secretariat of RREA and will meet twice every year. The Council will review the bi-annual monitoring report with each Program/Initiative Coordinator presenting the status of his Program or Initiative.

Annual High Level Rural Energy Committee and Stakeholder Meeting. An annual report will be prepared by RREA and presented at the Annual Rural Energy Stakeholder Meeting. The annual report will also constitute the basis for the High Level Rural Energy Committee which will meet once every year.