Management Information System

Rural Energy Management Information System. A comprehensive information system will be developed, hosted and managed by the Rural Services Unit(s). The information system will be composed at least of the following key databases:

  • Prepaid meter and Client Connections database. The MIS will be interconnected with the pre-paid meter database and will have updated information on the number of electricity clients, their consumption and installed capacity, per County, District and Settlement.
  • Funding database. Information on committed or secured funding in order to identify the remaining gaps.
  • Project database. Information on the current status of each Project, budget and incurred costs as well as the level of completion and funding sources.
  • Geo-referenced asset database. Georeferenced information on the existing infra-structure.
  • Procurement database. Information on all ongoing tenders and status.
  • Generation database. Information on installed generation.

Information update. In order to minimize extra costs and resources on data collection and processing, the MIS will try to interconnect with existing operational databases and, in some cases, develop useful applications that can support operations and, at the same time, collect the key information.

Transparency. The MIS will not only serve for monitoring and control of implementation, but it will also be a key tool to maintain transparency and promote information exchange with all key stakeholders.