Coordination Structure

Overall coordination. RREA will be in charge of coordinating, supervising and reporting progress of the implementation of the rural Energy Master Plan. The Ministry of Land, Mines and Energy will provide policy oversight and monitoring of the Master Plan.


High Level Rural Energy Committee. A High Level Committee with all relevant Ministries and Superintendents will meet at least once every year to guarantee the involvement of all key entities in the Rural Energy Master Plan and also an adequate articulation between MLME and those entities. RREA will act as Secretariat of the Committee.

RREA and the Rural Services Unit(s). RREA will be the acting agency in charge of the Rural Energy Master Plan and overall coordination, monitoring and communication activities under delegation from Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy. Additionally, RREA will act as Program Coordinator and, in some cases, as Responsible Entity. The Rural Services Unit(s) will host and manage the Management Information System and will support RREA in all reporting activities.

Program/Initiative coordinators. Each Program or Initiative will have a Program/Initiative Coordinator in charge of coordinating and monitoring the implementation of all the projects under that program or initiative. The Program Coordinator will support the implementation but will not have a hierarchical role towards the Responsible Entities for each project. Program/initiative Coordinators will be appointed by the following institutions:

  • GTG Program and OTP Program / Efficient Lights & Appliances and Prepaid meters initiatives: LERC
  • DG, BTG, BC Programs and OTP Program / Efficient cooking biomass initiative: RREA
  • OTP Program / City cooking gas initiative: LPRC

Responsible entities. Each Project will be assigned a Responsible Entity. The Responsible Entity has to guarantee the implementation of the Project. The Responsible Entities will directly respond to MLME on the results of their Projects. They will provide information to the Rural Energy Management Information System and will articulate and require the support, if needed, of the Program/Initiative Coordinator.